#ITSAKASHMONEYWORLD, but y'all knew that.

KashMoney Co. is a small business founded and located in Atlanta, GA. Our founder, Kerrington Griffin, has played around in the cosmetic/beauty industry all her life She was only 16 years old when she realized she wanted to take it seriously and help others feel the way the same way she feels when she gets dolled up. She is now 20 years old, and a graduating senior at the illustrious Clark Atlanta University, where she diligently working towards pursuing her dreams and achieving every goal she puts her mind to.


“KashMoney” comes from a nickname that came from our founder’s peers gave her in high school. Because it stuck for so long, she decided to turn it into a brand. So, KashMoney Co. is more than just a pet name. It’s a brand, where it’s more about ensuring customers possess the same confidence and ensuring that you feel the same way our founder does! We will do all that we can to show genuine care towards our customers and to assist them in any way that we possibly can. We know how frustrating it can be to put your hard-earned cash towards something you are not pleased with. As a result, we care more about making sure our customers are more than content with the products and services they receive. Our prices will remain at a good standing point and we will always deliver the best items to you to ensure you are happy with our company. We are always here for you!


Thank you for choosing us!